Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ZZ Top

2008 was a real rough year for me. Losing jobs and family members enduring constant changes in my living situation, I felt I had little refuge. One of the few perks that got me through was that a gentleman who goes by Aesop, runs a awesome blogspot known as cosmic hearse. On said blog he did mankind a major solid and uploaded the vinyl rips of the first 5 ZZ Top albums... Now a couple of years ago I scored ZZ Top's first album and Tres Hombres at our local used cd store. Upon listening I realized something was horribly wrong..... These were ZZ Top songs but they were being done by the Fabulous Thunderbirds!!!.... So I thought... No it was ZZ Top and it sounded like shit. Apparently some A & R convinced the band to apply the afterburner effect to their to their golden past upon conversion to compact disc. I was given 4 out of 5 of these records in my early teens by my father during one of his "now thats how you play guitar" speeches and realized he was totally right, and to hear soapy versions of shaking your tree and precious and grace was appalling. The most wonderful thing about these rips was I could listen to them while driving which strengthen my already massive bond to this music. ZZ Top + operating vehicle= pure logic. ZZ is the perfect band in my eyes and here are 5 reasons why, one for each album.

1) They are the only band ever to be musically influenced by jalapeno peppers.

2) They always sang about driving slow, I drive slow it saves lives.

3) Frank Beard was the only guy in the band without a beard... He didn't wanna be "that guy" and this was before PCU came out.

4) They use terms like"Boogie Woogie" and it makes sense.

5) Come on boys, lets drive that old Chrysler to Mexico!

Thanks Cosmic Hearse, and if anyone has a vinyl rip of Dugello please hit me up.

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