Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Here's a comp I found floating around cyber space. It consists of tracks from the Duane Allman anthologies. It includes his session work with the likes of Aretha Franklin, Otis Rush and King Curtis amongst others, Some Hourglass (Allman Bros Proto type) songs, and some solo tracks... I love this dude!


Monday, June 22, 2009


The last album recorded by this line-up. Duane Allman died not long after this recording. Although upbeat at points the sound of this album is ironically somber and more downtrodden than the former.Even overwhelmingly mournful at moments. The instrumental track In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed was Dickey Betts tribute to Miles Davis. I'm sure you've heard the legend... That the song was written in Rose Hill Cemetery, and was named after the headstoned Betts sat upon while writing said song..... That song was the begining and end of a great genre..Cemetery Jazz!


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Where it all began... 1969, Macon, Ga

The Allman Brothers Band Original line up was, is, and will continue to be the absolute essence of what was Southern Rock. 19 year old Gregg Allman's haggard soulful growl teamed with Barry Oakley's power walk bass lines, Duane Allman and Dickey Betts dual lead guitar majesty and the anchor solid percussion of Jamoie Johnson and Butch Trucks caused a sound totally unheard of... The absolute opposite of what was going on in San Fran Cisco. If the music on this recording does not make every hair on your body raise, or your big toe stand up in your boot, then you my friend simply have no soul.. Now get away from me you creepy fuck.

Comma Splices and Prices,

Ol' RJ


SR 101

Well, the train to Grinder's Switch is runnin' right on time
And them Tucker Boys are cookin' down in Caroline
People down in Florida can't be still
When ol' Lynyrd Skynrd's pickin' down in Jacksonville
People down in Georgia come from near and far
To hear Richard Betts pickin' on that red guitar

So gather 'round, gather 'round chillun'
Get down, well just get down chillun'
Get loud, well you can be loud and be proud
Well you can be proud, hear now
Be proud you're a rebel
'Cause the South's gonna do it again and again

Elvin Bishop sittin' on a bale of hay
He ain't good lookin', but he sure can play
And there's ZZ Top and you can't forget
That old brother Willie's gettin' soakin' wet
And all the good people down in Tennessee
Are diggin' barefoot Jerry and C.D.B

Southern Rock summer starts today,

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Rod Stewart, Ron Wood and of course Jeff Beck laying down essential nasty hard rock of the white boy blues persuasion. Recorded in the hazy period between The Yardbirds demise and Led Zeppelin's birth, Beck-Ola was the concrete proto-type for the next decade of hard rock, and the precursor of the first Zeppelin album. Jeff's guitar attack was like no other of his time and it is truly amazing what Rod Stewart could achieve vocally..... Fuck, if I were on this album in my early twenties I'd wanna stay forever young too.

I remember

The dark woods, masking slopes of sombre hills;

The grey clouds' leaden everlasting arch;

The dusky streams that flowed without a sound,

And the lone winds that whispered down the passes.

Vista on vista marching, hills on hills,

Slope beyond slope, each dark with sullen trees,

Our gaunt land lay. So when a man climbed up

A rugged peak and gazed, his shaded eye

Saw but the endless vista - hill on hill,

Slope beyond slope, each hooded like its brothers.

It was a gloomy land that seemed to hold

All winds and clouds and dreams that shun the sun,

With bare boughs rattling in the lonesome winds,

And the dark woodlands brooding over all,

Not even lightened by the rare dim sun

Which made squat shadows out of men; they called it

Cimmeria, land of Darkness and deep Night.

It was so long ago and far away

I have forgot the very name men called me.

The axe and flint-tipped spear are like a dream,

And hunts and wars are shadows. I recall

Only the stillness of that sombre land;

The clouds that piled forever on the hills,

The dimness of the everlasting woods.

Cimmeria, land of Darkness and the Night.

Oh, soul of mine, born out of shadowed hills,

To clouds and winds and ghosts that shun the sun,

How many deaths shall serve to break at last

This heritage which wraps me in the grey

Apparel of ghosts? I search my heart and find

Cimmeria, land of Darkness and the Night.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Somebody's got a scary story tell you. This is the sequel to Abigail and the stronger of the two albums in concept and execution. All you really need to know going in is.... Dude moves in to old family house, house is haunted by dead family members.... Andy Larocque plays guitar solos and BOOM!!! That's is.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Here is some of Hendrix later stuff. Some of this music was just guitar and vocal tracks that were overdubbed with backing rhythm after his death(which I am okay with) and the rest consists of demos and unreleased material. If your burnt out on the experience... No pun intended... Then check this out. These tracks show what he was heading for in a new decade, and lead me to think he might have died before some of his heaviest work was due.


Monday, June 1, 2009


This is why he's the boss. His debut album is like nothing else, the missing link that fills the huge gap between Van Morrison and Bob Seger. Hauntingly nostalgic drifter music, confused and heartfelt with workingman honesty. The opening tracking is "Blinded by the Light".... Yup that Manfred Mann song that that made everybody at the skating rink yell "douche" at the same time. I always hated that song until I heard the original.. I was blown away... I could'nt understand how MM could go so far out of his way to make a great song suck. "Does this Bus Stop"made me wanna sell my car so I could have conversations with a bus driver and "Spirt in the Night" makes me think about how awesome life was when I was 16.