Sunday, April 5, 2009

A good friend recently asked me "when do you kick Blue Oyster Cult out of bed?"..... Well this album is certainly the orgasm. The last great B.O.C album, after this it was a slow spiral of hit and miss with album covers that make one think they are in for a ride, when actually the drugs were wearing off and the adult contemporary roller coaster was climbing the first bland hill. 1976's Agents of Fortune is in my sometimes well respected opinion the absolute definitive cult album.... A literal cult classic. This album is like getting a blow job while reading R.L. Stine by blacklight. Beautiful mystique, tongue and cheek misoginism and a bleak, dark atmosphere on top of a tried and true hard rock palette. Songs like Tenderloin, Tattoo Vampire and Sinful Love are a few of my favorite cult gems... And Eric Bloom is the coolest looking dude ever. Plus this remaster comes with 4 bonus tracks.... Lucky us.


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