Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tastes Pretty Good!

Many Purple fans shun this album to this day......That almost sounds like a mad lib...Oh yeah lost my train of thought.1975's "Come Taste The Band" was the first album without Ritchie Blackmore, which turned a lot of folks off to the chance of a fair listen.Plus the album title isn't very alluring, I mean look at those dudes they would most likely taste like ash trey and bong water, mix that in a glass of merlot...No thanks I'll take Rainbow. That has been my stance up until the past few months. But my recent fascination with the mysterious guitarist Tommy Bolin promted me to check out this album. Blackmore's absence gave the band a little room to breathe, and new guitarist Bolin some space to lay down some of the finest guitar works of the era.The result was a more mature and refined Deep Purple, the kind that sips wine and takes ski trips and sits by warm fireplaces while reading fine literature.Driving, blusey and progressive, perfect for their last true album, and easily their most unique...I like to think of DP as a house.Ritchie Blackmore was the father, Ian Gillian was the first wife, David Coverdale the second and Jon Lord was the weird uncle who lived in the basement smoked dope and showed the kids(Roger Glover and co.) porno mags when they were too young to see such.Ritchie, tired of home life left the house to pursue gander horizons, and David, Jealous, and heart broken hooked up with the younger Tommy.Things were fine until Tommy O.D.'d and the family fell apart and sold the old house to the Dixie Dregs......Sad Story.


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