Saturday, August 15, 2009

This album catches a lot of shit, most folks don't care for the idea of ZZ Top with keyboards. Well first of all of the synth use is basically for rhythm, the drums are electronic doubled with an actual kit from time to time. Guitar and bass still loud still awesome. This is the little ol' band from Texas trying their hand at early 80's psychedelic hard rock. The car on the cover is the Eliminator... It appears out of no where when dudes are havin bad days at shitty jobs, 18-25 different women climb out of the car... Three dudes appear(two with beards) and give the original dude the keys. The girls kiss all over him and the three mystic bringers of fortune play Sharp Dressed Man. The tracks T.V. Dinners and I got the 6 are worth the ride alone. Quit being an ass an get this!!


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