Friday, August 21, 2009

1990's self titled album from The Obsessed is an absolute must for any fan of fine, loud guitar playing, bikers, aspiring bikers, beer drinkers, hell raisers and good people in general. Wino's soulful haggard gnarl and mountain solid rhythm lay a perfect back drop for his vocal mastery and genius song craftsmanship. As a guitar nerd I find his lead skills to be jaw dropping. Most people think of him as just a vocalist due to his tour of duty with Saint Vitus.... But gee dee the man can play, giving a whole new generation of punk kids the nod to grow out their hair smoke dope, turn up and slow down. This album contains early incarnations of what would later be found on 1999's Southern Lord release Incarnate. If you have not heard these guys and your reading this then you must be somehow getting internet under that rock, and I challenge you to CLICK!!! and be blown away. If you have heard them, which I'm sure many to most of you have than I just sound like a pretentious asshole who thinks he's into an obscure band that's really not too awfully obscure amongst certain company.....Geez.... Thanks for making me feel so bad!


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