Monday, May 4, 2009


Why Buddy Miles does not share a tier with the likes of Al Green and Otis Redding is beyond me. Miles was best known as the drummer in The Band Of Gypsy's and recorded with everyone from Mike Bloomfield to Wilson Pickett. The man drums like he looks.... And I would not fuck with anyone who looks like that. I'm sure many a man fell for making fun of that Medallion in some Chicago bar, or pool hall or Ray Charles concert. But aside from his ability to destroy drums, guitar, upright bass and probably deserving people Miles had a chilling and tender voice simultaneously.... Basically the way people were trying to sing at the time was the way he naturally sang. The title track of this album is his version of his song that the gypsy's played at woodstock, and it is incredible. This album also contains two covers..... Well more like adaptions. A mornful version of Neil Young's Down By The River and a hauntlingly upbeat version of The Allman Brothers Band's Dreams. Get It!



  1. I remember seeing the vinyl-less sleeve for this at your house many moons ago. Now I finally get to here it!!!!

  2. Yeah I found it and lost it again.....FUCK!!!